Wildflower Meadow - A Perfect Retreat for Wildlife


Wildflower meadows are threatened with extinction. The percentage of these meadows has been declining steadily after the end of World War II, mostly due to urbanization and agricultural needs. And with the disappearance of wildflower meadows also disappeared an important habitat for many wildlife species. As a result, native wildflowers and wild animals are becoming increasingly rare. Creation of wildflower meadows near homes no matter how big or small is therefore a major step forward in conservation of wildlife.

Wildflowers, or flowers that are native to a particular area and have not been cultivated nor modified in any way play an important role in maintenance of biodiversity and a balance in ecosystem. Wildflower meadows help preserve native flowers some of which are on the edge of extinction as well as attract a number of animal species which feed on wildflowers or other animals found in wildflower meadows, while some create themselves a home in these meadows. Nectar-producing flowers are frequently visited by honey bees, bumblebees and butterflies, larvae of butterflies and moths graze on the leaves, while birds and small mammals hunt for insects and search for other types of food. The re-creation of old meadows creates a little world on its own but it also offers a number of advantages to the gardeners.


The awareness of protection and conservation of wildlife has significantly increased and many gardeners are reducing the size of their laws to provide wild animal species a habitat as similar to the natural one as possible. It is a moral, ethical and responsible thing to do which also improves the human welfare as humans are a part of the ecosystem too. And what is the best thing about creation of a wildflower meadow is the fact that it does not interfere with the style of the garden nor makes it any less visually appealing. On the contrary, the sight of a flowering meadow cannot be compared to the sight of a lawn no matter how carefully maintained due to the fact that wildflowers are naturally vibrant and create a year round colourful display requiring virtually no maintenance. Once established, a wildflower meadow maintains itself and does not require weeding nor fertilizing or watering. In addition, it reduces the area that requires mowing.

Wildflower meadow is very easy to create because wildflowers grow just about everywhere. In fact, they tend to prefer soil that is low in nutrients which is why no special soil preparation is required other than removal of weeds and grasses or the existing vegetation before sowing. It is important not too till too deep to avoid bringing the weed seeds to the surface. It is also recommendable to choose a sunny area because most wildflowers will grow best if receiving lots of direct sunlight. A wildflower meadow takes some time to establish itself but when it does, it thrives with life and impresses with its beauty because it consists about equal part of native grasses and wildflowers.